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TBOFOA is driven to assist families with their asset protection, estate planning, education, wealth management, philanthropy, business continuity and succession planning. We provide an open forum for families to share their intellectual capital and financial experiences. As well, the Boston Family Office Association is a platform for families to evaluate unique alpha generating opportunities, co-invest and meet best in class service providers,etc.

All TBOFOA Members will have access to our special events, receive our newsletters, gain access to unique deal flow, network with other members and gain numerous benefits from our specially designed, one-of-a-kind educational symposiums.

Our exclusive events throughout Boston County bring together; Family Offices, industry professionals, hedge funds, PE funds, wealth managers, estate planners and real estate opportunities.

The Family Office Industry is estimated to be $5 trillion dollars and growing. Networking with peers is one of the most effective and efficient ways to promote the sharing of information, education, deal flow, and philanthropies among Family Offices and Multi-Family Offices (MFOs).

Contact Michael Anthony at to learn more about becoming a member..

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